Science and education

Phenomenta, Lüdenscheid

The Phenomenta scientific experience centre invites its visitors on an excursion into the world of science with state-of-the-art media technology from SIGMA. The heart of the experience is the “Phenorama”: this 360° cinema is located immediately below the 75-metre tower which is the landmark of the Phenomenta and is visible from afar.

The live image signal comes from eight cameras installed in a circular arrangement at the top of a church tower 500 metres away. Films and animations can be called up in the Phenorama via nine touch panels. A 6-channel background sound system and nine sound showers enhance the audio-visual experience.

In addition, a bespoke triangular LED network has been installed inside the tower above the world’s largest Foucault pendulum. The arrangement of integrated mirrors results in a fascinating kaleidoscope effect. Interactive touch screens are installed in other exhibition areas to provide in-depth understanding of the subject matter.