© Sabine Kacunko

© Sabine Kacunko

Art and culture

Invincible Rom

As a worldwide icon of cultural heritage, the Colosseum was illuminated with a huge beam of light and images around 40 metres in diameter. Using various microscopic visualisation techniques, the bacterial biofilm (patina) was projected onto its most exposed northwest side in real time. Eight high-tech projectors with a total light output of 160,000 ANSI lumen were installed in a converted truck for this purpose.

The micro-organisms making up the patina protect the monument from destruction by damaging environmental influences and thus ensure the continued existence of this cultural heritage. From this perspective, “INVINCIBLE” is an example of sustainable, comprehensive cooperation in the protection of cultural assets and natural resources.

The artist Sabine Kacunko makes almost unique use of filmic means and innovative audio visual equipment for her works of art. This extraordinary cultural project came into existence under the patronage of UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova, the German Embassy in Rome and the Department of Culture of the City of Rome.