Brandenburg Gate Museum

The Brandenburg Gate Museum takes visitors on a multimedia journey through 300 years of world history: revolution, the empire, the roaring twenties, two world wars, the fall of the Berlin wall, the World Cup summer experience. Visitors stand in a room with state-of-the-art audio visual technology, installed by SIGMA, and experience the milestones of history in a unique 20-minute timescape show with surround sound.

In the middle of the 34 metre long monitor wall, viewers experience the milestones of Berlin’s history. This results in 180 million pixels on a display area 71 square metres large, controlled by 16 media servers to ensure absolute pixel accuracy.

The multimedia show includes a surround sound environment based on natural three-dimensional human hearing, which completes the sensory experience with a 36-channel soundtrack. The entire museum is monitored and controlled by a Crestron media controller.